Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cute Sheep 2GB USB Drive

I’m sure everyone is just dying to own a Sheep USB Drive, especially one with bright pink horns and a large pink heart on her chest. So I'm saying it sickeningly cute!

The Sheep USB Drive comes with 2GB of storage space and is available for $8.69 from There are three different colors to choose from: pink, blue and red.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Cool Skull Coffee Mug

Start your morning routine off in the right mood with this super cool Skull Coffee Mug. It is not a high-tech gadget, but it shall make a good one to go into our skull-shaped gadget collection. Made of solid ceramic, this skull mug is nicely detailed and features a handle that’s made to look like interlocking bones to complete the creepy picture. Let this skull coffee mug be a constant reminder of life's cruelty and mortality.

I wish there would be an improved version coming in the future, which could connect to your computer’s USB port to keep the coffee warm.

Source: Techchee

Thursday, August 13, 2009

4-Port USB hub with Foldable Book light

If you’re a bookworm of the modern days who prefers to read in front of the computer, you may love to have a USB hub that does not only connect your gadgets but also offers you light for reading.

This USB hub comes in eye-pleasing colors, green and white. It offers 4 USB ports for your USB gadgets and is equipped with a folding LED light which will be useful while you need more lights in front of your computer.

USB hub with Foldable light via Techchee

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Electronic Breast Enhancer

These Electronic Breast Enhancers are just beyond. The idea, I think, is for the ladies to stick one in each bra cup, switch on and wait for the arrival of some enlarged attitudes. Now, I am not sure whether you’re supposed to leave them in while you go about your daily business – which sounds so weird it’s not true – or whether you set aside an hour or two while watching telly. In either case this is just waaaay out there on the freaky scale and I honestly don’t want to spend too long thinking about the process in any detail at all.

The Electronic Breast Enhancers are available now for $10.69.

via Redferret and Gizmodo

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bra Saver Washer Kit

You could pay up to $100 for a good bra, only to have it ruined in the washing machine. Bras can get caught on the agitator, on the drum and squashed with the weight of other clothes in the spin cycle. Washing bras by hand is time consuming and is a thing of the past.
Introducing the Bra washing system, the best way to baby your bra! The Bra Saver Washer Kit is a unique patented device that will protect padded bras in the washing machine. Its two-shell design is made of strong smooth plastic that supports the cups to keep them from getting damaged in the washing machine. Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the ends of the inner eggshell. Tuck the straps inside the shell and snap the outer shell around the bra. Your bra will be protected from the agitator and from the weight of the other clothes in the spin cycle. Keep your expensive padded bras in perfect shape with the bra saver washer kit.
The Bra Saver Washer Kit is available for $6.69 at

Nikon D200 Vertical Battery Grip

For shutterbugs who have been frustrated many a time by the lack of battery power during the most crucial of moments, chances are they would jump at the first chance of nabbing the Nikon Battery Grip which is able to hold a half dozen AA batteries. These batteries will be used to discharge power into your Nikon D200 when connected, saving you the trouble of toting around extra batteries while giving you the opportunity to snap photos long after other people’s cameras have run out of juice.

The Nikon D200 Battery Grip is available for $146.69 and adds stability to the camera apart from carrying more juice.

Source: Coolest-Gadgets

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unique NES Controller Felt iPhone Case

Here is a cool iPhone Case for all the Nintendo fans out there, the NES Controller Felt iPhone Case.

It is made from felt and it even has real buttons where the A and B buttons are to make it look more realistic.

This fun NES Controller Felt iPhone Case measures 132 x 70 x 15mm, and it is the coolest iPhone Case that i have seen so far.

Via Geeky-Gadgets

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Halloween Gadget - Skull Car Drink Holder

Featuring a unique skull design, the Skull Car Drink Holder will hold your drink in place while you focus on the driving. Its bottom is padded with soft neoprene to absorb shock. It clips onto your air vent like any cupholder, and effectively scares off rude passengers reaching for your coffee.


  • Making your journey full of happiness with this Skull Car Cup Holder.
  • Unique design Auto Drink Holder is a very nice way to hold your favorite can, bottle, or cup.
  • It is made of durable plastic material with silvery finish that will last for years.
  • Bottom is padded with soft neoprene to prevent from shock.
  • The Skull Car Bottle Holder works great with most beverage, cans, bottles and fast food beverage cups.
  • Comes with 2 clips for securely mounts to car in seconds.
  • It makes you drink handily and really enhance your enjoyment while driving.
  • Holds items diameter up to 7cm.
  • Dimension: ~9.5(L) x 8.8(W) x 7(H)cm
  • Weight: 86g

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweet Heart Shaped Towel Cake

Lookit’ that cake. Looks friggin’ scrumptious, right? Wrong! Some sicko thought it’d be a good idea to fold stupid towels so that they look like delicious cakes.

When you think about it, who even buys towels? I always thought they materialized in the vortex in my hall closet (Our apartment came with a vortex. Pretty cheap, too!), but everybody buys cake. Fuck that asshat and his delicious-looking trickery! No human stomach should be teased to such extremes.

If you want to be a complete dick and trick your friends and loved ones, you can get a fake cake towel here. They have a buttload of mock desserts to chose from ranging from about $5-$6 each. It’s actually kinda’ cool when you think about it. Sort of the Transformers of raggery.

Is raggery even a word?

via Albotas