Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pink Heart USB Hub with PS2 Microphone Earphone Port

This pink heart-shaped hub is equipped with 2 USB ports plus 4 extra practical ports, two for plugging in PS/2 type mice and keyboards, another two for connecting microphone and 3.5mm plug earphones.


  • Special and sharming shaped pink heart
  • 3 in 1 designed: Pink Heart w PS/2 Port (one PS/2 port for keyboard, the other port for mouse), 2 USB Ports Hub, USB Heart w Mic Earphone Port (one 3.5mm port for earphone, the other port for microphone)
  • Pink Heart USB Hub is a great choice for PC Laptop Desktop users
  • Made of hard plastic in pink
  • Compatible with windows Vista, XP and 2000.
  • Size: 9.2 x 8.4 x 3.4cm
  • Cable length: 1.09m
  • Weight: 150g
This versatile gadget buddy is available for $9.69 at

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