Sunday, October 18, 2009

3.0 MegaPixel Bird USB Webcam with Speaker

Anybody can have a basic webcam but you can dare to be different with this unique Bird Webcam. It comes with a 3.0 Mega Pixel resolution. The camera is hidden in the mouth of the bird. When you do not want to use it, simply close its peak and the camera will be protected. Its wings can even double as speakers, which can be folded up and unfolded depending on your needs!

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Novelty Ladybird Tripod Webcam

Here is a cute webcam which comes in the shape of a ladybird! The Ladybird Tripod Webcam comes with a 1.3 Mega Pixel resolution, built-in microphone and even a tripod. With 7 "fog" LEDs night vision, you can now chat in low light condition or even in darkness. Perfect for those of you who would like a webcam looking different from all the rest.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion Beads Women's Handbag

Nowadays, Ladies Handbags are women’s major accessories. Most ladies love to make the collection of fashion handbags and designer handbags. Those handbags work perfectly for both women and teens to do formal and informal activities.

This pink handbag is the hottest handbag and is very stylish and charming for all occasions. All yours for $14.69.