Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweet Heart Shaped Towel Cake

Lookit’ that cake. Looks friggin’ scrumptious, right? Wrong! Some sicko thought it’d be a good idea to fold stupid towels so that they look like delicious cakes.

When you think about it, who even buys towels? I always thought they materialized in the vortex in my hall closet (Our apartment came with a vortex. Pretty cheap, too!), but everybody buys cake. Fuck that asshat and his delicious-looking trickery! No human stomach should be teased to such extremes.

If you want to be a complete dick and trick your friends and loved ones, you can get a fake cake towel here. They have a buttload of mock desserts to chose from ranging from about $5-$6 each. It’s actually kinda’ cool when you think about it. Sort of the Transformers of raggery.

Is raggery even a word?

via Albotas


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