Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have large fingers, you may face some difficulties typing on the QWERTY of a PDA phone. Perhaps you will need to carry around a portable Bluetooth keyboard with you. So you can hook up the Bluetooth keyboard to your PDA phone via Bluetooth, to allow your fingers to work more comfortably. has got a palm-sized Bluetooth keyboard, which is a perfect one to carry around with your gadgets. It comes with 83 keys, possesses exactly the same functions with laptop keyboard. It can be used to replace the existing wired keyboard of a computer or is useful for remotely controlling a computer that is hooked up to a LCD projector at the far end of a classroom.

This palm-sized wireless Bluetooth keyboard has an operation distance of up to 10m, runs on two AA batteries which are not included, and weighs 147g only.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard via Techchee


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