Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cute Fruit USB Webcams

Most of us have one but never really take much notice to it until we need to use it. Webcams as we have come to know them are typically small, made up of metal or plastic and range in a number of shapes and sizes but they do share a commonality - their appearance can be rather boring.

Thankfully technology companies have developed ways to enhance the web-camming experience. Here are 3 fun and appealing webcams that may just get you to abandon your boring black Web cam:

1. Watermelon USB Webcam

If you have a thing for fruity gadgets, here’s a web camera that should get you excited. The Watermelon USB Webcam features an 8.0 Mega pixel resolution camera with a frame rate of 30 frames per sec. It can be yours for only $12.69.

2. Apple USB Webcam

This 8.0 Mega Pixel Apple USB Webcam is a perfect desktop accessory for children and adults alike. Put it on the top of your monitor and enjoy. It retails for $12.69.

3. Pear USB Webcam

This Pear USB Webcam is sure to march into the hearts of many. It is a must have for anyone who loves cute. All yours for $12.69.

These devices could take something that was ugly and functional on your desktop and turn it into something cute and decorative if you so choose. You can find more novel webcams online at